4 Biblical ways to hear the Voice of GOD today.


In the quietness of the night, I have often heard the still voice of God whispering my name. Sometimes He will point me to a Scripture to rebuke me of my unconfessed sins or comfort me about a hurtful incident.

I prefer to do the talking most times, but the Lord wants me to hush so that I can be obedient to His command.

I listen carefully to what God the LORD is saying, for he speaks peace to his faithful people. Psalm 85:8,NLT

Young Samuel recognized the voice of God calling unto Him in the middle of the night. He had never heard it before , but his reply “Speak Lord, they servant heareth” must be the very answer we must give to our Creator.

The following hymn written by Frances Ridley Havergal has caught my attention. This amazing hymn writer lived on this earth for only 42 years, but her vision to hear the voice of God is truly inspiring.

“Master, speak! Thy servant heareth,
Waiting for Thy gracious word,
Longing for Thy voice that cheereth;
Master! let it now be heard.
I am listening, Lord, for Thee:
What hast Thou to say to me?

Speak to me by name, O Master,
Let me know it is to me;
Speak, that I may follow faster,
With a step more firm and free,
Where the Shepherd leads the flock,
In the shadow of the rock.

Master, speak! Though least and lowest,
Let me not unheard depart;
Master, speak! For O, Thou knowest
All the yearning of my heart,
Knowest all its truest need:
Speak! and make me blest indeed.

Master, speak! and make me ready,
When Thy voice is truly heard,
With obedience glad and steady
Still to follow every word.
I am listening, Lord, for Thee:
Master, speak! O, speak to me! “

4 Biblical ways to hear the voice of God

What do we do when we hear two voices?

John 16:8 says that the Holy spirit will convict us of our sins and wrong choices while Satan will accuse and remind us of our unworthiness. (1 Timothy 4:13).

There are 4 important ways to hear the voice of God today. Join with me today as I continue this post over at my good friend, Sue’s blog Mama of Three Boys.

I pray you are blessed and encouraged just as I was hearing the voice of God. 

Until we meet again here ,


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About Diana

I am a daughter, sister, wife, and mom to my triplets. Each of these God given roles have shaped me to be the woman I am today. My blog is about how I have found God to be alive in me through the lessons I keep on learning each day. Through the storms and songs in the darkest hour I saw God standing with me.
Christianity is not a religion to me but a personal relationship I have with my Creator who so freely gave His life for me .
Dear Friend, I pray that you too will know this Savior who died not only for your SINS but also for all your SORROWS on the Cross. May you be found in HIM.

Philippians 3:14 (KJV) I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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  1. Love the hymn you shared! I love the desperate heart of the author of this hymn has for God. Indeed, to hear His voice is the greatest blessing of all! Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog post!

    1. Hey Esther , thank you for visiting me . I love your blog . I like your analogy of anxiously waiting to meet with our Lord to receive the delightful package 🙂 Beautiful visual !!!

  2. I loved the words of that hymn. You are so right— often times in order to discern God’s voice, I have to be still and ask him to speak to me. What a great post!

    1. I love the lyrics of the hymn as well. Being still can be the hardest but once we get the rhythm it is the best gift to hear from our Lord . I am blessed by your visit today

  3. My first visit to your blog but hopefully not my last. I like the clarity of the message you present and that song! Thumbs up.
    Now to go to the other blog to finish reading

  4. What a great illustration of God’s love. Yes, we constantly want to speak but if we just hush the Master will speak truth to us. Thank you for sharing such a powerful post and poem!

  5. I need to start realizing that when I am awakened in the middle of the night, it may be the Lord wanting to speak with me. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and powerful poem! Blessings … ❤

  6. I’ve never heard that hymn before, but I absolutely LOVE the words! I’m going to try to find it on YouTube so I can hear the melody. Thanks for the reminder that we should listen instead of always doing the talking!

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