How to raise GODLY WARRIORS in this ungodly world

How to raise GODLY WARRIORS in this ungodly world
Introducing the warrior :

Jochebed had given birth to a healthy baby boy, but the King sent out a new rule that all the Hebrew baby boys must be killed. So, the young mother decided to make a waterproof basket, and place her baby in there to afloat in the river instead of killing him.

The princess was bathing in that river, and hears a baby’s cry. She names him MOSES and adopts him. Miriam, the brave sister of Moses was watching all of this from afar, and asks the princess if she needed a Hebrew nurse. Moses’ own mother gets to nurse him until he was weaned and returns him to the princess to be raised in the palace. The story I taught the toddlers for Sunday class this week.

God’s revelation to me:

It wasn’t until that evening as I put my kids to bed that the Lord opened my eyes to the key role Jochebed played.

The same Pharaoh who wanted all the Hebrew boys killed raised baby Moses as his own grandchild. Can you believe that? God planned every miniscule detail of Moses’ life especially arranging Jochebed to nurse her own child.

There are many Pharaohs in this world today who want to get rid of babies before they are born.


Exodus 2, doesn’t even mention Jochebed’s name except that she was a Levite, who were chosen by God to be priests in the temple. Jochebed, well versed in the Scriptures raised a godly warrior who was instrumental in leading the Israelites out of the land of bondage.

Moses was used mightily by God because His mama trusted the Lord and invested in instilling the Word as she nursed her son. She must have taught Moses all the laws of God, culture, and his lineage before giving him up to the palace.

THE BATTLE OF RAISING GODLY CHILDREN. Mothering is not an easy role, and as a mother of triplets I can mostly certainly vouch to that. Jochebed has been instrumental in how I see myself raising my children. God promises to fight our battles.(my new year verse)

If Jochebed could raise godly warriors, you and I can raise the same with the help of our Lord. AMEN?

Raising godly warriors in this ungodly world

Here are 5 foundational pillars:

1.TRAIN your child: We read in Proverbs 22:6 that we should train up our children in the way they should go ,so that when they are old they will not depart from it.

From their birth until they are capable to make decisions on their own- train them. Children can be mischievous, and as parents it is our responsibility to train them to be obedient, respectful, and loving children.

There must be a proper way of admonition when they misbehave. The way we discipline our children should not discourage them, but help them to learn from their mistakes.

Train them to handle conflicts in life, to be the keeper of their siblings and to face every fear that will arise.

2.TEACH and etch God’s Word: Memorizing verses, explaining the meaning, and practicing it in real life are the best way to teach our children. Teach them about the validity and facts about the Bible, point out a miracle that happened in your family to teach God’s faithfulness.

3.Lead a life of godly TESTIMONY: Children learn by imitating us, so we must lead by godly example. Do we read God’s Word along with our children or do they see us opening them only on a Sunday?

As mothers, we can get easily distracted by the pressures of this world. Moses had every reason to enjoy the luxury of the palace, yet he chose affliction and God’s people. I bet his mother’s devotion to the Lord reaped this decision.

4.TREAT them as godly warriors: The Bible likens children as arrows in the quiver. Arrows are meant to be shot into a farther distance.

Imagine if we knew our child was going to the President of our country?

Let us treat our children as future Christian warriors for God in this ungodly world. A lot of parents have neglected their children in their childhood for several reasons.

—Do we curse at our children, or call them horrible names?

—Are we unhappy just because it was an unplanned pregnancy?

—Do we make us children feel unwanted, and unloved?

We are mere guardians of these godly warriors and will be held accountable by God.


5. TOUCH and pray: Then the little children were brought to Jesus for Him to place His hands on them and pray for them;(Mathew 19:14 )

Our Creator, and God held children close to his heart. What a beautiful visual to hold on to.

Let me share my personal testimony with you. Becoming a mom was a must anticipated gift from God. But my pregnancy term was cut short and my triplets were born at 26 weeks.

I would stand next to their incubator, and place my right finger on their 1-pound body through the glass window. There is power in a mother’s prayer.

4 years later, I still touch and pray by placing my right hand over their beating heart.

I pray that they will receive the Gospel and love the Lord.

———That the seeds planted on their soul will not be stolen by the enemy.

———That their walk will be in sync with God’s Word and not worldly pleasures.

——–That they will be godly warriors in this ungodly world.


Scriptures for raising Godly warriors

A message to every mama of godly warriors.

We are commissioned an important role to raise godly leaders today. Let us spend quality time with our children for we do not know how much time we have left.

Jochebed knew she had to give up her son very soon, and instead of being rebellious or angry, she raised Miriam, Aaron, and Moses. Three Godly warriors. No matter how difficult this journey may get, let us hold on to God’s Word to raise our children. 

Help us ,Dear Lord to be steadfast and faithful as we raise the children thou has given to us. Give us wisdom and may we raise them to be kingdom warriors. in the name of Lord Jesus .Amen

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I am a daughter, sister, wife, and mom to my triplets. Each of these God given roles have shaped me to be the woman I am today. My blog is about how I have found God to be alive in me through the lessons I keep on learning each day. Through the storms and songs in the darkest hour I saw God standing with me.
Christianity is not a religion to me but a personal relationship I have with my Creator who so freely gave His life for me .
Dear Friend, I pray that you too will know this Savior who died not only for your SINS but also for all your SORROWS on the Cross. May you be found in HIM.

Philippians 3:14 (KJV) I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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  1. Hi Diana! Thanks for sharing your wisdom (and these needful reminders) on biblical parenting. Jochebed’s (and Moses’) story is quite a testament of God being in the details of every child’s life!

  2. These are great insights and tips! I think one of the most important is to lead a godly life. It is true that children do what we do and not what we say, whether we like it or not!

  3. Oh, Diana, how I wish I would’ve had this to repost 18 years ago as I begin raising our children. I love this piece and will be sharing it on Facebook and pinning it on Pinterest as well. Thanks for visiting my blog. <3

    1. Well, 18 years ago I wasn’t even married 🙂 But as a woman of God yourself, I bet you have raised Godly warriors . Thank you for sharing on facebook and also for pinning

  4. Diana, these are wise strategies to raising godly children. I try to do all of these faithfully. I wondered how old your triplets are. May God continue to give us the grace to keep doing these things. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

  5. Diana, this is a beautiful, practical, and powerful post. You may enjoy “Brave Moms, Brave Kids” by Lee Nienhuis which will be released on February 1st. I have had the privilege of reading an ARC and it is wonderful!

  6. Thank you for this call to warrior motherhood! We need to maintain this mindset for our children’s sake and for the sake of the future world in which they will be living and doing battle.

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