The Writer’s Testimony

I am just a simple girl who grew up in a Christian home, and one who has experienced the deepest valleys, and delayed blessings in life.

I have experienced every form of abuse in childhood, which I carried around into my adulthood.

Have I questioned about the presence and power of God when I was wounded by the ones I trusted the most?  Absolutely? Have I wondered if God ever cared for me or abandoned me ? OH YES!

But did God ever leave me? No ever.

How do I know?

In the year 2008, one October night, I asked the Lord to take away my nightmares, flashbacks, anger, and unbearable sadness within the chambers of my heart. I couldn’t carry them any longer, for it made me feel like a victim, and broken.

That night I experienced a gentle hand touch my face, and a loud whisper “ I am the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I am your God too. Just like I didn’t abandon Daniel’s friends in the fire, I never ever abandoned you, Diana, in your painful childhood.”


I remember waking up shaking thinking a robber was in my bedroom. I noticed a dramatic difference ever since, I still remember all my past brokenness, but they don’t hurt badly nor define me.

The nightmares have disappeared,  and I am still a work -in- progress. I hold on  the Hand of God tightly lest the devil sets more traps.


Call upon the Lord, and He will truly answer you in your darkest valleys, my Friend. Jesus Christ is not a mystical creature or a random fictional story. He is real, and a living God. No other gods gave their life for human.

But the Lord Jesus Christ chose to take the form of man, and carried not only our sins but our SORROWS. He carried all your griefs, and brokenness. This is why I call HIM “MY GOD”

For 2018, the verse I received from the Lord is “the battle belongs to the Lord” from 2 Chronicles 20:15.  As the Lord leads, I will be focusing on different posts connected to the key phrase “the battles we face ” this year.

Thank you for taking your time to read my testimony. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to abide in you, and calm your fears and assure you of His presence.



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