5 Great Qualities of a Godly Mama

5 Great Qualities of a Godly Mama

3 John 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

I have loved being around children all my life, and I didn’t wait to be a biological mama to show my love. It started off by helping young moms with their little ones during church gatherings or home visits as a ten-year-old, to teaching Sunday School, co-helping at VBS, and being an AWANA leader as an adult for over a decade.

One doesn’t have to be a biological MOM to be called a MAMA if our mothering involves lots of prayers, encouragements, discipleship, teaching, nurturing, and commitment for the children at the home, and community.

Here are 5 biblical qualities of a Godly mama for each of us to prayerfully ,and diligently keep in our hearts:

  1. A Godly mama has a Godly vision :

    A mama with a vision is someone who has foresight, and insight regarding her Christian home. She has spent time with the Lord seeking wisdom on raising her children with a clear forethought, and insight about her children’s heart and needs. She joyfully accepts her calling to raise her children in the ways of the Lord, and prays for the salvation of their lost soul. A mama with a vision makes sure to bring up her kids to be Kingdom Warriors, and Leaders with Godly heritage by seeking counsel from the Lord, and other seasoned spiritual mamas.

    Psalm 78:7 (KJV)That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments:

    Proverbs 15:22 (KJV)Without counsel, plans go awry, but in the multitude of counselors they are established.

  2. A Godly mama trains her children to emulate the Character of God :

    God is merciful ,and faithful to feeble sinful humans like us. A mama knows the stubborn, and rebellious heart of her children and teaches them to love the Lord God above everything else, and to be merciful to others on this earth. God desires mercy, and not sacrifice ( Mathew 9:1) . A Godly mama also trains her children to be faithful stewards in matters of relationships, money, and talents for it is easy to be lovers of money, and pride.

    Proverbs 22:6(KJV) Train up children when they are young, so that when they are old they will not depart from the Scriptural teachings.

Proverbs 29:17 Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.

  1. A Godly mama is willing to apologize to her children

    Mamas need God’s grace and mercy while raising children, and most days the absence of “the fruit of the Spirit” can turn a mama into impatient, angry, irritable, and unconstrained. An apologetic mama paves way for her children to see her practice what she teaches first hand. The Bible teaches us all to bear one another, and forgive each other. Asking children for forgiveness doesn’t make us lose our creditability but instead gives an opportunity to make it a teachable moment from the Word of God for the little ones.

    Ephesians 6:4 in the Amplified version asks parents not to provoke our children to anger and exasperate(irritate) them to the point of abuse, but bring them up lovingly in the discipline of the Lord.

    Apology from the parent can create an unbreakable closer bond with adult children ,and bridge gaps that were already formed.

  2. A Godly mama knows when to wean off and let go of her children to build their own home :

    Letting go of our adult children after 20 years of caring, raising, and dedicating is one of the hardest thing for every mama. There is one thing a godly mama knows : that is her children are gifts from the Lord, and not possessions to hold tight forever. Training, disciplining, and parenting must be done during the early years of a child, and when they are adults they must be prayerfully let go to be independent, responsible, and outstanding citizens for the society. This does not mean that mamas should abandon their adult children in their time of need, but be there for them while letting them make their own decisions. Hannah re-dedicated her Samuel for the Lord after she weaned him, and so did Moses’ mom in the Bible. A godly mama also makes sure she doesn’t create any sort of animosity and wedge in her adult children’s marriage.

Children are gifts and rewards from the Lord.Bible1 Corinthians 13:11(KJV) When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 

  1. A Godly mama loves all her children whether they be 2,3, 10 children EQUALLY: 

    One of the attribute of God the Father is that He is no respecter of persons, and HE is a Just God. He is the greatest parent to receive all counsel and instructions for earthly parents.

Romans 2:11(KJV) For God shows no partiality.

A godly mama knows that showing favoritism between her children can breed jealousy, animosity, contentions, sibling rivalry, and a divided home. We see in the Scriptures how Rebekah loved Jacob more than Esau, and Jacob loved Joseph the most ; these acts ended up destroying the unity within Godly homes.

A house divided can never be a House on a Hill.

Godly mama doesnt show FavoritismGenesis 37:4 (KJV) His brothers saw that their father loved Joseph more than all of his brothers; so they hated him..

Romans 2:11(KJV) For God shows no partiality.

James 2:9 (AMP) But if you show partiality [prejudice, favoritism], you are committing sin and are convicted by the Law as offenders.

Dear Friend, How has this post blessed you? Which quality resonated with you or spoke to you today? Do comment below so that I may be encouraged as well.

Until we meet again here next time,

Stay Blessed Fellow Mama,



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  1. Diana, thanks for this. I’m in the empty-ing nest phase, and working hard on the letting go and the begin available “as needed” aspect of this journey. Thanks be to God, He is faithful at every point along the way!

    1. Michele,thank you for stopping by and for the lovely comments. I am still in the house full phase with toddlers running my house 🙂 God is faithful at every phase of a mama’s life. I pray you will be able to “let go” where needed,and still have a great relationship with your children – Diana

    1. Congratulations Abbey! I hope you are enjoying your moment with your baby. I pray along with you will be tHe godly mother God has called you to be

  2. Yes yes yes yes and yes! To each of your five points!
    Having been on the receiving end of each of these points throughout life as a daughter, I now have the opportunity to grow through the eyes of a mama as I learn to raise our first baby. Recently I had a conversation with my mom about the letting go issue because she believes almost every mom has a hard time seeing their baby as an adult when they have to let go because they have so many worries. She still worries especially because I decided to into ministry (and marry someone who made the same decision! 😂). But the wonderful thing is that this has challenged me to begin even now to surrender my own baby’s future into God’s hands, through prayer and petition, whatever God calls him to be!

    1. What a great testimony of faith from you, Tammy. I pray as you trust in the Lord to lead and guide you each day by surrendering your son into the Master’s Hand, you will be counted as a GODLY MAMA. May you and your better half be used greatly for the Lord’s Ministry-steadfast in Faith, and relying on HIS provisions.
      God bless you Tammy

  3. I love the one about apologizing. I love how he is so quick to apologize to me when he does something wrong when I do the same. Modeling is the best way to lead our children and thank God for granting us the strength to be humble

    1. I love the part about apologizing too. The love for my children compels me to ask for forgiveness and it models how we all need to sorry to the ones we hold the most dear. As you continue to mother your sweet boy, I pray for all the strength, and scriptural guidance in the days to come.
      God continue to bless you


    1. Barbie, what a lovely name indeed. Thank you for visiting and commenting here. You are truly blessed as a mama, and grandmama-Godly mama in every way.

  4. I love the reminder to have a Godly vision for our children! Sometimes I get so caught up in the day-to-day duties of being a mom that I forget to focus on the long-term goal of having them grow into adults who love and serve God.

    1. Tracey, thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 Yes , it is so easy to get caught up in the daily duties that we forget whom we serve and what we are called to do as a mama. God bless you abundantly

  5. Thank you for this beautiful encouragement on how to be a godly mama. I have two kids and I’m passionate about being this kind of mama to them. You’ve offered wise advice. Thank you for visiting Grace and Truth last week.

    1. Thank you Dawn for your blessed comments, and for stopping by here. Your ministry has been a blessing to me as well. Godly mama is what God calls us to be to our children
      God bless

  6. I loved reading this. I think everything you say also applies to spiritual mothers. Sometimes God puts women of the younger generation, or even other people’s children, in our pathways for us to ‘mother’ in his ways. Thank you so much for writing these points so beautifully. I love how you back everything you say with scriptures.

    1. Thank you Penny for such a blessed comment. Yes ,I do agree this applies to spiritual mothers ,and not just to biological mothers as stated in my second paragraph. God’s Word is the basis for each of the roles in life,and He most certainly teaches us how to perform each responsibilities.
      God bless

    1. Thank you Crystal! Yes, apologies are something new for me ,and I realized I am teaching my children to apologize when they are wrong too without having to fear.

  7. I love what you said about not needing to be a biological mama to be a mom. Great post what makes a Godly mama. Just lost someone this week that I call my second son. Missing him terribly. Maree

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