My Calling

My heart overflows with a good theme;
I address my psalm to the King.
My tongue is like the pen of a skillful writer    Psalm 45:1


Who am I?

Hello Friend, I am so glad you have stopped by my blog today. I am Diana, and a stay-at-home busy mama of triplets.

I am also a Sisters’ keeper, and a wife to my supporting husband. I love meeting new people who want to have a relationship with Jesus , and knowing their story. 


My Identity in Christ

When I am not blogging, you will find me changing multiple diapers, dancing, praying as I run after my kids or vice versa , journaling, ordering more books to read, and trying new recipes. Oh, also window shopping 🙂

How Diana met Jesus :

I was born and raised in a Christian home ,and accepted the Lord in my early teens, but it wasn’t until a decade or more later that I absolutely fell in love with my Lord.

He became MY PERSONAL GOD through my trials, traumas, scars, and shortcomings. For the longest time in my life, I struggled with understanding how God could be good and yet allow bad things to happen in my life.

Friend, God is still good and just ,but the sin in mankind and the choices we make continues to hurt others and the Creator. 



a) I always loved to keep a diary of incidents in my life that molded me and what God wanted me to learn from trials and triumphs in my life. I wanted to share those incidents and the encouraging verses to you all, hence I called it Diana’s Diaries


b) I want to leave a legacy for my children in the form of these diaries for I know every other inheritance will perish except the one I have acquired in Jesus Christ.


c) Blogging keeps me disciplined in my Christian walk. I am motivated to read the Bible more, take notes, and meditate upon what the Lord wants to change within me.

I could have left it at that, but if I could virtually encourage at least one reader then I know I have lived up to my calling.


Psalm 45:1 has been one of the verses that inspired me to “PEN” about

1. my Heavenly Bridegroom and His mercy towards me even when I failed Him as His bride a million times; and

2. His Unfailing Love as a Father even when I wanted to run away like the Prodigal child.

 Writer -Diana's Diaries

Diana’s Diaries is welcome to readers from all walks of life who will be able to resonate with the struggles and joys I will share here and reflection of God’s goodness, redemption, and strength received for an imperfect human like me.


I am not a preacher nor a religious fanatic just an ordinary woman who was once a sinner, now bought with a price and made priceless by her loving Maker. Life will bring its own intensity of storms but in Jesus our anchor holds secure and firm.


Jesus remains the SAME and can transform our valleys into Victories, our Scars into Songs, and our traumas into triumphant stories!! 


Do you believe that Jesus can take our sorrows and make them into Songs??

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My Dear Friends, I cannot wait to connect with you all , and lift one another’s spirits high through this open devotional diary. 

Basking in Christ’s Embrace,


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